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Personal Branding

monogram and word-mark


In this project I was tasked to create a personal brand identity.

Skills used:

- Branding

- Visual Design

Discovery Phases

When doing resource on this project I found some styles that I liked but wasn’t dead set on one pacific one.So when starting sketching out my monogram and world-mark I went throw a-lot different ideas.

image of monogram ideas another image of monogram ideas

The Process

I said before I did a-lot of sketching to decide what style of monogram and word-mark that would represent me the most in digital form. After deciding on what the monogram will look like I brought into illustrator and then I added colour. The colours that I used in the monogram and word-mark where chosen because red and my favourite colour and dark grey/black goes really well with it. This is another example of how I tried to make my personal branding reflect me as much as possible.

image of different styles off my monogram

The challenges I faced and how I overcame them

The biggest when doing all of the brand was creating the monogram, at first the ideas that I came up with where in an old fashioned style. But when I brought the design into illustrator it just didn't look right, so I started again from scratch just putting down as many ideas as I could. And after a lot of back and fought I settled on this curvy/modern designed monogram.

image of the difference old and now monogram

Final Outcome

I am very happy with the final outcomes, it took and lot of trial and error to get to this point but I think the work paid off. Hopefully you think so too.

image of brand on beusiness card link to next case study
smc monogram





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