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Travel App

Travel Mythology


We where asked to create a concept for a travel app around a topic of are choosing.

Skills used:

- Branding

- UX Design

- UI Design

Discovery Phases

When coming up with theme of the travel app I tried to think of apps that I would want to download, so this is when I came-up with the idea of a travel app based around Greek Mythology and it is something that I am interested in. I have a book called “Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton” where I got a-lot of the information from, but also this book was illustrated by “Jim Tierney” so the style of the app was influenced by the style of his work in this book.

img of book another image of book

The Process

First thing I did was to create a mind map for ideas for the travel app that is where I came up with the ideas of an app based around Greek Mythology. After deciding that, I did research using books and the web to find inspiration for the style of the app.

After knowing all of that I started to sketch out wireframes to see how all the information will be layout and structured. Once I was happy with that I stared to sketch out and design the icons and illustration that will be using in the app. I used mostly adobe illustrator so create everything, the illustration, icons, logos and layout.

image of mindmap image of mindmap

The challenges I faced and how I overcame them

At first I font it hard to settle was the design of the layout, I had a couple of layouts designed but I couldn’t decide on which one was the best. So I took advice from Dr Kyle Boyd who was my lecturer at the time, and said to me keep it simple and not add anything that would make the user experience longer than it had to be. So I went with the layout design that was the cleanest overall.

Another change that I hand was creating the illustrations, and the problem was that that where taking really long. So what I did was to look up videos and how I could speed my process of making these illustrations in illustrator. After doing that I learned some new thinks my process became much faster.

image of app user flow

Final Outcome

After doing this project my illustration has gotten a-lot better and I am happy on how they turned out in the final outcome.

image of brand on beusiness card image of brand on beusiness card link to next case study
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