Dark Mode Design System


Here's some back story. Our design team was tasked with creating a new design system for several upcoming software products. Based on my research, I found that many design systems focusing on light mode (which is fair). But when it came to the dark mode aspect of these systems I felt that it was kind of an afterthought. Therefore, I want to create a design system that puts dark mode first.

For a long time, I have wanted to grow my presence on Twitter, and I think it could provide value and be interesting to people. So because of this I am planning on building it in public on Twitter! The vison for this project is to create a design system that is primarily focused on providing an accessible and visually appealing user experience.

Design principles

  • Consistency
  • Dark Mode usability
  • Dark Mode accessibility

The personal goals of this project are to

  • Develop my personal design style
  • To have a better understanding of design systems
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Learn something

The name is a work in progress ;)

Other thoughts